STOP Trying So Hard On The Greens!
PGATour Players Exposed!

ecently I wrote a blog post which touched on how some golfers are getting fooled by PGATour players stats titled, STOP Being Fooled By PGATour Players! The blog simply highlighted that golfers are blind sided to the fact that PGATour players are human and hit more poor drives, approach’s and scores soaring well above 72 more often than we see televised.

Well the same can be said for putting, the reality is that when you’re watching a PGATour event often you’re seeing the players that are contending, holing bombs and making great par saves, often it’s a highlight reel! Well, that’s not the reality at all…

Firstly here are a few questions I’d like you to answer relating to the number of putts holed on the PGATour, these are followed by some putting stat truths, which may surprise you:

Q1. How many putts are made per event over 10 feet?                                                                      

Q2. How many putts are made per event over 20 feet?         

Q3. What is the average length of putt made per hole over 18 holes?

A1. 75th 5.0 putts per event – Leader 7.5 putts per event   

A2. 75th 1.3 putts per event – Leader 2.3 putts per event  

A3. 75th 4.10 feet per hole – Leader 4.5 feet per hole

(The above stats were provided by Phil Kenyon, Swash Putting Schools)

Here is a table taken a few years ago from the PGATour, on putts made percentage from various distances. Interesting that year after year these stats don’t change much at all:

Screen Shot 2013-11-30 at 5.41.07 PM

It’s usually a shock for many golfers to see that at the most elite level PGATour pros are only averaging a little over 50% of putts from 8 feet. Also take into account the quality and consistency of the greens they putt on each week. These players understand the odds when they step onto the putting surface, although they may expect to makeeverything, they understand that they’re going to miss their fair share also, due to these odds. In fact studies have shown that even on a perfect surface rolling the ball off a true roller you will only make 83% of putts on a 10 foot breaking putt. There are just too many variables when it come to the putting surface, let along green reading, aim, stroke and speed variables.

So what can we learn from these numbers? Well in simple terms, stop trying so hard on the greens, understand that it’s ok to miss a short putt from time to time and 3-putt occasionally. With these odds in mind we should have a more freeing mindset and attitude when we step onto the greens. I call this the ‘don’t care miss or make attitude’ which means if your intensity and outcome focus on the greens is too high, you won’t be able to perform at your optimum.

– Here is the paradox, as we effectively care less about the outcome, the outcome will come more into effect.

Brad Faxon arguably one of the greatest putters of the modern era would employ this attitude, he would intentionally free himself up when the heat was on. I feel most golfers would do better with a more relaxed attitude, ensuring they still have strong intent though they’re not living and dying on the result of each stroke.

My goal in writing this blog is to simply create more awareness about the challenges of putting and encourage you to find that extra 1-2% that will help you perform better on the green. Next time you’re out playing adopt this new attitude and I’m sure you’ll free up your stroke and begin to turn the odds in your favor.

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