How Important Is Putter Face Aim?
‘ve written quite a few instructional articles on putter face aim in the past and so this blog is going to highlight the importance or lack of importance on putter face aim. Now some might argue this point,  but the reality is, that aiming the putter face at your intended target is not a common fundamental amongst elite golfers and tour pros.

What is common is their ability to constantly deliver a square club-face at the point of impact!

So how important is this ability? Well all things being equal the following table highlights how far a ball will miss the target relative to a miss-directed putter-face at impact.

(Note: The table below has been provided by Rick Wright


Interesting to note that on a 10-foor putt if your putter face is 2 degrees open at impact you’ll miss your target by over 4″. If you combine this with a putter head path that’s working out it in, then you’re also imparting a certain amount of side spin on the ball making it very difficult to start and roll the ball on your intended line, even on putts inside of 5 feet. That’s assuming you’ve read the putt correctly with good speed control!

This highlights one very important factor when it comes to controlling the starting direction of your golf ball on the green. Due to the slow speed the putter head is moving at, the putter face is at least 90% more important than the path the putter head is traveling on.

Though this data was taken quite a few years ago it highlights Tiger Woods right aim bias of 2.5 degrees. It also shows his ability to return the putter face back to a reasonably square position at impact less than 1 degree closed.

TW Aim

TW Impact

As a preference I would encourage you to keep the aim of the putter face within 1 degree of your intended target. Otherwise compensations will then have to be made in the stroke to roll the ball on a consistently at your target.

My advice would be to incorporate some type of aiming and putter face awareness component into your putting practice. One of my preferred teaching aids is the Pelz Putting Tudor, a simple and effective feedback device to create awareness of the putter face during the aiming process and throughout the stroke.



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