A First For Asia!
AimPoint heads to Malaysia, Singapore & Thailand...
thought I’d put a quick post forward to inform you all about some exciting news regarding AimPoint Green Reading. Mark Sweeney the founder and creator of AimPoint and Europe’s Senior AimPoint instructor Jamie Donaldson will be visiting Asia next week to deliver the #1 world-renowned AimPoint Green Reading System.

If you haven’t yet gone through the MidPoint Level I Class, this will be an opportunity to learn the fundamental techniques for all putts inside of 20 feet from the pioneer of the #1 green reading system in the world. For those students who have gone through fundamentals training, this will be an opportunity to brush up on the skills you’ve already learned and move into more advanced MidPoint Level II green reading techniques.

We will also be launching the ‘NEW’ AimPoint Express Read Class in Asia for those who want a fast and very accurate alternative to reading green using AimPoint.
 Sweeny & Donaldson

Below is a list of proposed dates and regions for the upcoming AimPoint Classes being conducted during this AimPoint Tour of Asia.

(E) Express (ML1) MidPoint Level 1 (ML2) MidPoint Level 2 (W) Professional Workshop

Wednesday January 15th, The Mines Resort & Golf Club, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (E) (ML1) (ML2)


Thursday January 16th 2014 – National Services Resort & Country Club, Singapore (E) (ML1) (ML2)

Friday January 17th 2014 – National Services Resort & Country Club, Singapore (E) (ML1)


Saturday January 18th – Thana City Sports & Golf Club, Bangkok, Thailand (ML1) (ML1) (W)


For those that want to learn the ultimate green reading system or advanced your green reading skills, feel free to contact me at steven@sggc.com.au

If you’d like more information on AimPoint Green Reading visit the AimPoint website www.aimpointgolf.com

I hope to see you at a class soon #makeeverything

Steven Giuliano

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