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’m very happy to announce that after almost a year of eBook and video production the eBook series The Scoring Zone has been released and is ready for download.

any golfers simply wouldn’t comprehend getting involved in a week long training camp with their coach. Time and mind-set would be the main factors deterring their involvement. Having been fortunate to travel to a few Asian countries, I have found that the mindset now, is that students will train from weeks to months on end to […]

uch has been written, talked about, discussed, tweeted and argued about Tiger’s current position in the game.  As a golf coach for more than 12 years and just 35 years of age I guess I’m relatively young in golf coaching years, though I also have my opinion and views on Tiger’s current 3rd swing change […]

f I asked you a simple question about your golf game, “who are you?” could you answer this question?  Some of you might be scratching your heads saying, “Steven what on earth are you talking about…?” Well, I’m talking about an understanding of your tendencies and awareness of your strengths and weakness. Let’s use the […]