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n a very short time the new AimPoint Express Read has become a sort after method for golfers who are looking for a simple and effective way to read greens fast. Adam Scott and Stacey Lewis currently both no.1 in the world have been using the method to great success. In Asia AimPoint Green Reading and […]

n October 24th 2011, I wrote a blog titled ‘The Rise and Steady Rise of Stacey Keating‘, which to date had highlighted Stacey’s steady and consistent up-wood trend in amateur golf, as well as her transition into the professional ranks. At the time of writing that blog Stacey held a world ranking of 249.

’ve been certified as an AimPoint instructor now for two years, spreading the AimPoint word in Australia and now throughout Asia. I receive regular inquiries from students wanting to attend classes and understand more about how the green reading system works.

s the only fully certified AimPoint instructor currently in Asia, getting the word out about AimPoint Green Reading has been a challenge! Though in the past month there has been an explosion of interest with students traveling from various part of Asia keen to learn the techniques.

n their recent trip down under CEO and founder of AimPoint Mark Sweeney and Senior Instructor Jamie Donaldson delivered a host of AimPoint Fundamental and Advanced Clinics for avid golfers across Australia. Here’s a radio interview with host Mark Allen from SEN radio interviewing Jamie Donaldson and certified instructor in Australia, Steven Giuliano about AimPoint […]

’ve written a few articles on green reading over the past year, these have included the benefits of AimPoint Green Reading and my experience in learning and developing the technique in my students.

’ve been involved in AimPoint Green Reading now since February 2011. Mark Sweeney first introduced me to the technology with senior instructor Jamie Donaldson in Orlando. Though in Asia AimPoint and the techniques taught during the clinics are still relatively unknown to many golfers. This blog will highlight 7 common mistakes I see golfers make […]

s the first AimPoint certified instructor in Australia I get asked this question a lot. Steven, what is AimPoint?  And why should I invest so much money in just one clinic, when a normal putting clinic is just a third of the cost?

s a coach involved in player development, I encourage my students especially intermediate and advanced players to log their stats. This can be done either through a spread sheet which I’ll provide for them or through the vast array of website and iPhone apps that can now track your scoring and stats as you play. […]

ver wonder what AimPoint Green Reading is all about? When it comes to putting, players and coaches have generally worked towards improvement in technical aspects of the stroke, distance control and other related areas. AimPoint Technologies focuses on the science of predictive putt technology and green reading instruction.  Many of you may have seen this […]