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’m very happy to announce that after almost a year of eBook and video production the eBook series The Scoring Zone has been released and is ready for download.

‘ve written quite a few instructional articles on putter face aim in the past and so this blog is going to highlight the importance or lack of importance on putter face aim. Now some might argue this point,  but the reality is, that aiming the putter face at your intended target is not a common […]

ecently I wrote a blog post which touched on how some golfers are getting fooled by PGATour players stats titled, STOP Being Fooled By PGATour Players! The blog simply highlighted that golfers are blind sided to the fact that PGATour players are human and hit more poor drives, approach’s and scores soaring well above 72 […]

In order to gain an accurate measurement of your current level of putting we need to able to evaluate all these areas.

’ve been certified as an AimPoint instructor now for two years, spreading the AimPoint word in Australia and now throughout Asia. I receive regular inquiries from students wanting to attend classes and understand more about how the green reading system works.

o you feel like you’ve been stuck in a rut? Has your golf game been treading water or worse still slowly drowning? As golfer’s we often have a do it yourself mentality, using the vast majority of resources out there in an effort to get ahead. Though at what point do you tell yourself ‘This […]

’ve been involved in AimPoint Green Reading now since February 2011. Mark Sweeney first introduced me to the technology with senior instructor Jamie Donaldson in Orlando. Though in Asia AimPoint and the techniques taught during the clinics are still relatively unknown to many golfers. This blog will highlight 7 common mistakes I see golfers make […]

s the first AimPoint certified instructor in Australia I get asked this question a lot. Steven, what is AimPoint?  And why should I invest so much money in just one clinic, when a normal putting clinic is just a third of the cost?

Skill Acquisition – Short Putting n this ongoing series of blog articles I’m going to show you how you can improve your scoring by improving your skills, by taking your current game and utilising it for better scoring. Many golfers spend countless hours on the range never really make the scoring inroads they desire.

ike many experienced golf professionals and elite amateurs I believed I was a great putter.  In the three years I played professionally I never averaged over 30 putts per round, in fact I once remember taking just 20 putts to get through a pro-am event.  In my junior days I used to find a way […]