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he word ‘Slump’ is one of those unmentionable ‘S’ words in golf. A word you don’t ever want to associate with your game, the other ‘S’ word being ‘Shank’ . So what is a slump and how do you get yourself out of one? The dictionary meaning of a slump states “The condition of feeling […]

ometimes in golf and life our success comes from a higher purpose.  Sometimes our own desires and efforts just aren’t enough to get us over the line.  Remember the 1995 US Masters? Ben Crenshaw’s long time mentor and coach, Harvey Penick had recently passed away, not having won or contented in a major for over […]

n the era that I grew up in, you were either a Faldo man or a Norman man. Today, you’re a Tiger man or a Mickelson man. For me, it was Faldo all the way. Mizuno staff bag, TP19’s irons which I only laid to rest last year after 15 years of use. Working on […]