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’m very happy to announce that after almost a year of eBook and video production the eBook series The Scoring Zone has been released and is ready for download.

n this post I’m going to address some areas of the game which at times are being over estimated with unrealistic expectations. I’ll delve into some common statistics you should focus on and what should be realistic as it relates to your expectations compared to PGATour players.

In order to gain an accurate measurement of your current level of putting we need to able to evaluate all these areas.

’ve written a few articles on green reading over the past year, these have included the benefits of AimPoint Green Reading and my experience in learning and developing the technique in my students.

’ve been involved in AimPoint Green Reading now since February 2011. Mark Sweeney first introduced me to the technology with senior instructor Jamie Donaldson in Orlando. Though in Asia AimPoint and the techniques taught during the clinics are still relatively unknown to many golfers. This blog will highlight 7 common mistakes I see golfers make […]

rowing up in the mid to late 80’s I never saw him play and my memories aren’t strong apart from the brilliant replays of his major triumphs. I did know about his story, passion, imagination and love for the game! The public outpouring from social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter has been unbelievable […]

This is the first of my blogs to go out into the blogosphere, as I will endevour to deliver golf instruction with a difference feeding through regular instructional information, personal life experiences, training information and videos relating to Steven Giuliano Golf Coaching.