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aving the right mental attitude on the golf course is just as important as having the ability to strike the ball solid on a consistent basis. In fact as your golfing ability increases so should your mental attitude and your ability to handle situation out of your comfort zone. If you’re breaking down in this […]

remember watching Butch Harmon present at the 2002 Coaching Summit. At the time, he was coach to Tiger Woods, the world’s no.1 golfer. He stated that “the most teaching he had ever done was with Tiger Woods. Though there comes a time when the teaching stops and the coaching carries on”. Today most of the […]

n the era that I grew up in, you were either a Faldo man or a Norman man. Today, you’re a Tiger man or a Mickelson man. For me, it was Faldo all the way. Mizuno staff bag, TP19’s irons which I only laid to rest last year after 15 years of use. Working on […]

rowing up in the mid to late 80’s I never saw him play and my memories aren’t strong apart from the brilliant replays of his major triumphs. I did know about his story, passion, imagination and love for the game! The public outpouring from social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter has been unbelievable […]

ecently Nike Golf posted a question on their Facebook page ‘Lessons or self taught?’ at last check there were over 660 comments and climbing, many comments just responding lessons, self-taught, both, lessons, self-taught, both.  So I figured I’d delve into this topic a little more closely, in an attempt to gain a better understanding of […]

uch has been written, talked about, discussed, tweeted and argued about Tiger’s current position in the game.  As a golf coach for more than 12 years and just 35 years of age I guess I’m relatively young in golf coaching years, though I also have my opinion and views on Tiger’s current 3rd swing change […]

Do you ever struggle to take your practice game to the golf course? hots that count for your score are somehow always harder than shots on the practice tee.  Every shot taken on a golf course should be preceded by this simple 4 Step Routine. Steven Bann has been a pioneer in many facets of […]

ell, this is the first real blog I’m sharing with you, it’s very personal and very close to my heart.  Rather than compile a bunch of data on the world’s best golfers from the past and present, I’m going to give you my hands-on life experience.  So, if you’re expecting detailed information on Tiger Woods or Annika Sorenstam you’ll have to look elsewhere!