Who are you?
If I asked you a simple question about your golf game, “who are you?” could you answer this question?
f I asked you a simple question about your golf game, “who are you?” could you answer this question?  Some of you might be scratching your heads saying, “Steven what on earth are you talking about…?” Well, I’m talking about an understanding of your tendencies and awareness of your strengths and weakness.

Let’s use the example of understanding your swing and ball flight.  Here are some simple questions to ask yourself:

  • What does my ball flight tend to do?
  • What is my tendency with contact?
  • What is my tendency with body motion and swing shape?

I’m amazed at the amount of golfers I see practicing at ranges today without any real plan or purpose regarding what they are trying to achieve.  They seem to be in a race to hit as many golf balls as possible in the shortest amount of time, believing that they are improving their games by doing so.  To me these golfers are merely exercising their golf swings and ingraining whatever swing tendencies they have already, meaning they will inevitably hit a road block.  They’re very quick to grab onto a quick tip from their playing partners, or trying something new out of the latest magazine, however many times this information is completely irrelevant to their game.

Many golfers are going the wrong way about correcting their tendencies

These golfers for the most part are unaware that if their ball is curving to the right (for a right handed golfer) that the clubface is opening through impact.  The position of their hands may be  turned too much to the left, making it hard for them to square the clubface through impact.  The path the club travels on relative to the clubface position at impact has a significant influence on their ball flight. I see many golfers simply going the wrong way about self -correcting their ball flight and are very much unaware of how to do so.  Instead of aligning shoulders and feet to the left when the ball is curving right, if they understood that in order to find a straighter shot shape they actually need to work on an opposite feel.  For example, by making a grip adjustment generally placing the club more in the fingers of the left hand and positioning the hands more to the right, the golfer can learn to close the clubface through impact.   By positioning the right foot back from the left, this will have a direct influence on the path of the club, allowing the golfer to attack more from the inside.  So, with an inside path and ability to close the clubface through impact, they would soon find that the area they have been trying to avoid all their golfing lives the right side of the course will soon become their friend.

I see experienced golfers on the range going by the motto “quality practice not quantity practice”.

Through some quality instruction you as a golfer will become much more aware of your tendencies, and once you do this you will become empowered with the knowledge and skills to start working away from these.  I see experienced golfers on the range going by the motto “quality practice not quantity practice”.   Quality practice might mean knowingly working on hand and clubface positions, practicing corrective body motion drills or perhaps working on corrective ways to improve ball flight and contact all relating back to the golfers tendencies.  For me, these golfers are truly on their way to long lasting changes in their games, and are more able to self-correct if an area of their game goes south for a period.


So have a think about my question, “who are you, as a golfer?” Are you merely exercising your golf swing in the hope that one day things will click, or do you have a clear picture of yourself and your game focussing on quality practice that is actually making a difference?  By gaining an awareness of your tendencies, you will no longer be part of the majority of golfers that are on a constant search for something that they can’t attain. Instead you will place yourself on a journey of learning and a pathway to constant improvement in your golf and your life!


  1. Mar 28, 2011
    11:59 am


    I can answer all those questions quite easily. Low to mid flight with right to left shape. My bad shot is an over the top pull, and that is because I tend to move my weight to my heels because atm I’m trying to flatten my swing to a shorter single plane but I’m on to it an slowly correcting it. Bet you didn’t think I could answer that well hey.

    • Mar 28, 2011
      11:46 pm


      That’s a pretty thorough answer Craig, where are you from?

  2. Mar 28, 2011
    4:50 pm

    Golf Simulator

    I am sure all golfers would be scratching their head now. Well made article.

    • Mar 28, 2011
      10:15 pm


      Thank you for the comments hopefully and eye opener for many 🙂

  3. Mar 28, 2011
    11:33 pm

    Matt Wilson


    Great read here. I think that this has a bigger picture effect, in that the concepts being discussed are relevant on all levels of life. It is essential to have a purpose, to acknowledge what is going well, identify what could be better, and develop a plan to strengthen areas of opportunity.

    Thanks for sharing!


    • Mar 28, 2011
      11:47 pm


      Very much agreed Matt good call!

  4. Mar 29, 2011
    3:44 am


    When asking the question “who are you” .. What about your Mind? Your mind leads your body. “Who are you” when you are under pressure?

    • Mar 29, 2011
      11:13 am


      Couldn’t agree more Graham in taking an holistic approach the question must be asked across the board, mind, body, full swing, short game, on-course and off course. Certainly the intangibles are just as if not more important than the tangibles.

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