Seve Ballesteros – ‘A Facebook & Twitter Tribute’
rowing up in the mid to late 80’s I never saw him play and my memories aren’t strong apart from the brilliant replays of his major triumphs. I did know about his story, passion, imagination and love for the game! The public outpouring from social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter has been unbelievable to say the least, so I’d thought I’d put together a tribute of the special comments and tweets I’ve come across since I heard the news.

Very simply Severiano Ballersteros was an artist of the game, many modern day players and coaches have drawn inspiration and knowledge from him. I’d like to relay a story I remember hearing many years ago told by Greg Norman, he was watching Seve hit some bunker shots at a tournament and Seve was making the ball do things Greg had never seen before. A young curious shark on the rise of world golf asked Seve ‘what are you doing there?’, in his Spanish accent Seve cheekily replied ‘it’s a secret’. He then went on to show the shark a grip position that Greg had never seen before, automatically Greg was able to hit these high spinning bunkers shots he never thought possible.  This story alone shows the true character of a man who was truly and artist of the game playing with a cavalier approach that made him one of a kind:

Below is a list of some of the memorable tributes to Seve’s passing:

Adam Sprankling : Farewell dear Seve. Thank you for inspiring me to play this wonderful game. We will all miss you greatly. Love to you and your family.

Alex Franklin : R.I.P Seve Ballesteros. An artist has left us…

Andrew Myles : Legend, word used too often.but in the case of Seve, it is only fitting! Charisma, competitor, genius, gent..thanks Seve for blessing golf!!

Andy Morrison : Such a sad way to start the day. God bless you Seve…..xx

Anthony Cecchi : R.I.P Seve Ballesteros…what a legend u were!

Brent German : RIP Seve Ballesteros. I remember seeing you at Augusta eating Italian at the restaurant I was at the week of the US Masters 2002. The worlds best scrambler and lob wedge flop shot master.

Brett Saunders : Seve you are already missed!! When it came to imagination, creativity and fee on the course there was no one better! You touched so many hearts Seve, and you will never be forgotten!! Although you left us today you will never leave our memories!

Craig Thatcher : RIP Seve. One of the worlds best and most courageous people ever to be on earth. You will be missed!

Daniel Melville : Not being a golfer in the era of Seve and his massive shot making, makes me sad to read all about the fantastic battles that I would have been great to have been inspired by him! A very sad day for the golf world. My Father in-law will be very upset at the news.

Daniel Valente : Seve will be sorely missed! Wish I saw him in his prime! RIP!

David Greenhill : Vale Seve Ballesteros – one of the greatest players I’ve ever seen at his peak. I’ll always remember a 66 around Royal Melbourne in an Australian PGA in the early 80’s using a persimmon driver and the old balata ball. Great shot maker and sublime short game – none better.

David Heffernan : RIP Seve. Inspiration of my generation.

Dustin Wilson : RIP Seve, you truly had a great impact on the game of golf and inspired many of today’s greats!

Evan Gale : Only Seve could pull this off..

Francesco Molinari : What a terrible news to hear first thing in the morning.. Seve was a superhero for all young golfers, played shots only he could see. RIP

Gary Player : The Player Family is saddened by the passing of Seve Ballerteros. I loved him like a son & will remember his charisma & flare. RIP my friend

Golf Revolution Learning Centres : R.I.P Seve, a true great of the game and put the European Tour on the map

Graeme McDowell : Seve is in all our thoughts and prayers. One of European golf’s shining lights and most charismatic stars is gone but not forgotten. Legend.

Ian Poulter : The last time we spoke to Seve was on the eve of the 2010 Ryder Cup. I will remember his words for the rest of my life. Seve RIP

Jason Helman : RIP Mr. Ballesteros – One of the best, filled with passion & emotion. You were truly a legend & you’ve left this world a better place.

Jay Townsend : He did things that other thought impossible, but he did them regularly. Seve was a genius, and had a warm and gracious side few saw.

Jeremy Chan : R.I.P Seve Ballesteros ‘The Greatest Bunker Player on Earth’

Johnathan Wallet : Very sorry to read about Seve… He was a legend

Jon O’Reilly : I am in shock still after the news of Seve .Seve o Seve ,May you Rest in Peace mi Amigo ,I will never Forget you ,My Inspiration !

Kelly Tilghman : Today, and forever, we celebrate Seve Ballesteros. His gifts are countless. His courage, immeasurable. May he rest in peace.

Malaysian Golf Digest : Goodbye Seve… Spain’s greatest golfer has died from complications of a cancerous brain tumor at the age of 54. Family members was with the five-time major champion at his home in Pedrena when he died peacefully at 2.10am (local time).

Matthew Gilham : Seve Ballesteros… R.I.P you legend of golf…

Nathan Stubbs : RIP Seve. One of the greatest of all time!

Nick Bradley : Just woken up to the inevitable news of Seve’s death. To imagine Woosie, Lyle, Faldo Langer taking on the US and driving European golf without Severiano Bellesteros is a stretch. It was his vision and tenacity alone that everybody followed in the 80’s and early 90’s, to stand up and say ‘come on, lets do this’ Seve called upon Europes greatest strength….a united passion. Missed – but not forgotten Seve x

Paul Azinger : I’m saddened by the news of Seve’s passing. He was the toughest, most passionate, most patriotic competitor I’ve ever faced.

Paul Berryman : RIP Seve. Golf is the poorer for your passing

Paul Riley : Seve: RIP, you are in my mind a true genius. The worlds master shot maker. An absolute legend in the game. Your legacy will always live on.

Paul Jones : We will miss you SEVE.. 54 is way to young. The game has lost an ICON.

Peter Allen : R.I.P. Seve. You were an inspiration to millions.

PGA of Australia : RIP Seve- a true Legend of the golfing world

Richard Adby : A sad day for golf but a chance for the world to join together and remember the genius and artistry of a true golfing legend

Sir Nick Faldo : Sad day. Seve’s passing, I would now call him the Cirque du Solei of golf. The greatest show on earth. I was a real fan

Stan Sayers : Sad day in the golf world…Seve is gone. One of the greatest!

Tiger Woods : I was deeply saddened to learn about the passing of Seve Ballesteros. I always enjoyed spending time with him at the Champions dinner each year at the Masters. Seve was one of the most talented and exciting golfers to ever play the game. His creativity and inventiveness on the golf course may never be surpassed. His death came much too soon.

Feel free to add your tribute to Seve:


  1. May 16, 2011
    11:13 pm

    Rowan Nicol

    Seve was one of a kind. A pure artist with the golf club in place of a paint brush. Pure joy like that of a child opening a present on Christmas. Always an optimistic expression in times of trouble. Pure Passion !!!! A set of hands that were one with the golf club. Made golf exciting for others. His passing makes me sad. But this is life and maybe he will teach me some of that short game in our next lives.

    RIP Legend Seve.

    • May 22, 2011
      2:34 pm


      Thanks for adding your tribute

  2. Apr 29, 2015
    1:30 pm


    Had the pleasure to watch Seve play at Westchester didn’t disappoint he took out a driver on a short dog leg par 4.He snap hooked in the woods. You could not see him because that side was roped off.All you can here was the swingof the club then you seen acloud of leaves the ball landed 2ft from the cup.Vintage Seve.RIP you will be miss.

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