Rory’s Higher Purpose
Sometimes in golf and life our success comes from a higher purpose. Sometimes our own desires and efforts just aren’t enough to get us over the line.
ometimes in golf and life our success comes from a higher purpose.  Sometimes our own desires and efforts just aren’t enough to get us over the line.  Remember the 1995 US Masters? Ben Crenshaw’s long time mentor and coach, Harvey Penick had recently passed away, not having won or contented in a major for over 10 years. Crenshaw’s epic victory was one out of the book. Crenshaw had stated that week “he’d had a fifteenth club in his bag”. He was certainly playing for a higher purpose.

There is no question that Rory McIlroy is an amazing talent. Leading this year’s Masters for 3 days, before succumbing to an indifferent final round. Though there was something different going on with the young man from Northern Ireland this week at Congressional.  This week he wasn’t just playing for himself, his family or his small country.

Shortly after the Memorial Tournament, McIlroy flew into Haiti as a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador. Whilst on the two-day visit to the Caribbean nation, McIlroy visited schools that were damaged by the severer earthquakes in January last year. He spent time with children building hygiene awareness in the fight against cholera, which had caused over 5,000 deaths.  Witnessing the relief efforts first hand this definitely gave him a different perspective:


A recent comment McIlroy made to his manager and friend Stuart Cage ‘If you ever hear me complain about a hotel room again, do give me a clout, won’t you?’

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This has certainly been a break out year for Rory in the majors, and a changing of the guard with the last 4 major winner’s age 30 or less.  Like many, I felt it inevitable the talen,t youthful McIlroy would break through and taste major success. Though I’m sure no one would have predicted the record breaking achievements of the US Open, with 12 records tied or broken:

  • Fastest to double-digits under par                                26 Holes
  • Low first 36-hole lead                                                131
  • Most strokes under par (36 holes)                              -11
  • Largest 36-hole lead                                                 6
  • Low first 54 holes                                                     199
  • Most strokes under par (54 holes)                              -14
  • Low 72-hole total                                                      268
  • Most strokes under par (72 holes)                              -16

But McIlroy was also playing with a higher purpose this week, whether he was fully aware of it or not. As Graeme McDowell had mentioned in a post round interview after the 3rd round, ‘This was like an accident waiting to happen’’. I’m sure his visit to Haiti was no accident and that hundreds of children didn’t think so either.

“The chance that these children are getting to be kids and enjoy themselves is so important for their well-being. Being here at this child-friendly space gives them the chance to play with their friends and enjoy themselves – helping them escape for a little while every day from the difficult situations they are growing up in. Nothing could prepare me for meeting the children in Haiti and I am truly amazed by how happy they are. The everyday things that we take for granted at home in Ireland are so longed for in Haiti.”

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Click here to view video – Rory McIlroy visits Haiti


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      Thanks PJ an impressive win to say the least

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