AimPoint hits Australia
Ever wonder what AimPoint Green Reading is all about?
ver wonder what AimPoint Green Reading is all about? When it comes to putting, players and coaches have generally worked towards improvement in technical aspects of the stroke, distance control and other related areas. AimPoint Technologies focuses on the science of predictive putt technology and green reading instruction.  Many of you may have seen this technology used regularly on the PGATour, well it’s from this technology that the AimPoint Green Reading system was born.

Recently the founder of AimPoint Mark Sweeney and Senior Instructor Jamie Donaldson made the trip down under, where a series of clinics were hosted in Melbourne at Albert Park Driving Range and Sandhurst Golf Club. Earlier this year I flew to Orlando to complete Phase 1 of the AimPoint Certification Click here for blog post and recently I completed of Phase 2 of my training in Melbourne. I am now the only AimPoint certified instructor in Australia, qualified to deliver AimPoint Green Reading techniques. Mark and Jamie also flew to New South Whales and Queensland where they delilvered clinics on the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Sunshine Coast. Soon to be certified in Australia will be Stuart Leong (Vic), David Nable, Chris Gibson and Grant Field all from Queensland.

Speaking on SEN radio during their visit, Mark Sweeney was asked, what is the one thing students would take from these clinics? The answer is simply “predictability, students leave with the understanding that there’s a fixed set of rules for how the ball behaves, and if they understand those rules then it’s actually a simple process for reading the greens”.

I found the AimPoint Clinic very informative and me being the excitable person that I am, this had me jumping out of my skin!! I know this is not going to guarantee me to make all of my putts, but it’s going to guarantee from inside 2o feet I have the correct read! As a professional golfer it’s the 1% that make the difference, so if I make 1 more putt per round because of AimPoint it’s worth every bit of it.

Stacey Keating – Professional Golfer

Really enjoyed the clinic. You guys did a good job in teaching us simply and clearly, I’m excited to practice and apply this skill to competitive play asap.

Sue Wooster – Victorian State Representative

Students took to the green reading techniques very fast which teaches students not to rely just on their eyes for judging slope, but to tap into their other sense of feel. Charts are handed out halfway through the clinics and students are able to predict accurately where to aim their putter on any surface, any speed, any slope anywhere in the world. Mark and Jamie will look to return in November to hold Advanced Clinics for those who have completed the Fundamentals Clinic.

For dates and times on upcoming AimPoint Basic and Fundamental Clinics click here or contact Steven @ Clinics will be held regularly over the spring and summer months.

Mark Sweeney and Jamie Donaldson talk AimPoint on SEN on their recent trip down under, click the play button below to listen in



  1. Sep 1, 2011
    2:57 pm

    John Graham


    Sounds like you guys had a great time.


    • Sep 2, 2011
      12:59 am


      Was lots of fun and very educational.

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