Malaysian Training Camp – Review 2011
Many golfers simply wouldn’t comprehend getting involved in a weeklong training camp with their coach.
any golfers simply wouldn’t comprehend getting involved in a week long training camp with their coach. Time and mind-set would be the main factors deterring their involvement. Having been fortunate to travel to a few Asian countries, I have found that the mindset now, is that students will train from weeks to months on end to ready their game for upcoming events. If not, then simply to get on a more productive pathway to improvement.

From August 11th – 25th, , I ran a two-week training camp out of KGSAAS a facility in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The basic agenda each day involved a 9 or 18 holes on-course session, following by 5+ hours on the range working through various techniques and skills to help develop all areas of the student’s game.  The students ranged from beginners through to touring professionals, with 6-10 in a group.  Quite a few students got on board for both weeks of the camp. Many of the students were local from Malaysia, although I also had students from Australia, Singapore and Hong Kong.

” Why a camp such as this, you may ask? I feel there’s many benefits to the student.

“Why a camp such as this”, you may ask? I feel there’s many benefits to the student. The first being total immersion in the learning and development of their skills. The frustration with students who take periodic lessons can sometimes be that they do really well during the session, only to see them one month later having gone off track or not sticking to the technical’s for one reason or another.  For me, a more structured approach to coaching allows me to keep tabs on the student’s progress day-to-day, giving the student a more holistic approach to developing their game for the long-term.

Throughout this camp, we covered the technical aspects of the game from full swing to short game specific, to the individual (also some generic information and concepts for the students to take home). The on-course sessions were especially productive and gave many of the student’s ideas on how to better manage themselves on the course. By showing them what options they had in given situations, they were better able to manage the risk vs. reward scenarios that are faced for almost every shot that’s played. This may seem like a basic concept to many seasoned coaches, though I’m amazed by some of the decision-making that goes on with the less experience and sometimes experienced players we teach. It’s important to be able to simplify the game on the playing field and allow the student the best option to play to their desired level.

Understanding the correct practice habits is key element we covered. This and being able to utilise the time you have, so it becomes a quality session and is targeting the weakest areas of the game. Most importantly, it’s giving the students a clear understanding of ‘who they are’ as golfers (something I’ve blogged about before).  I feel that once this is established, and the student has a clear blueprint for improvement, they can begin to become their own best coach and continue on the learning phase well into the future.

So, if time, money and your significant other allow you the chance in the future to get involved in a golf school or camp spanning over a week or 3-4 days –  then give it a go. If delivered correctly,  it will place a whole new perspective on your game and give you some long-lasting tools to take with you – long after you’ve left. Of course it’s important to take periodic lessons to keep these different areas of your game on track. Just consider immersing yourself in this great game sometime, and I’m sure… you’ll be more than pleased with the results.

“In July 2011 I attended a training camp run by Steven Giuliano for two weeks in Kuala Lumpur. The structured camp format and Steven’s instruction helped to correct some of my golfing habits and provided me with a better understanding of the game.  I learnt many new techniques to help improve my game and Steven provided video support that I can refer back to in future. I found Steven be very knowledgeable and he provided clear instruction that is easy to understand and follow.  I find I am now enjoying my golf game a lot more as I have a better understanding of what I’m doing, thanks to his instruction.

Mohamed Moharam, July 2011.

“In my humble view, Steven Giuliano brings a fresh, well balanced, rigorous and insightful approach to his golf coaching. His overall swing analysis (inc. using V1 Pro), re-focussing on fundamentals, MyTPI screening, introducing the joys of AimPoint, on-course management and goal setting has armed me well to take on my target of a 5 handicap. And he does all this with good humor and grace! I highly recommend the ‘International Training Camps’ recently in Malaysia and look forward to the next one.”

Glenn Mogford, August 2011.

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