What is AimPoint Green Reading?
As the first AimPoint certified instructor in Australia I get asked this question a lot... What is AimPoint?
s the first AimPoint certified instructor in Australia I get asked this question a lot. Steven, what is AimPoint?  And why should I invest so much money in just one clinic, when a normal putting clinic is just a third of the cost?

Well, you see the squiggly or curvy line on the PGATour events, well that’s the technology of AimPoint, which was founded by Mark Sweeney. Big deal I hear them thinking! Also with AimPoint you only need to attend one clinic to grasp the fundamentals, you don’t need to keep coming back for more sessions like a normal golf lesson. Also once you’ve attended one AimPoint Clinic you’re welcome to attend further clinics at no charge and brush up on your skills. But how will it improve my putting and scoring, and I still don’t know what AimPoint is?

These are all great questions and here are a few of the answers…

If you’ve been playing golf for five or more years and are a regular lesson taker, it’s more than likely you’ve joined a club and are serious about game improvement. When I ask my students why they take lessons, these are some of the more common answers I hear, I want to be more consistent, I want to stop slicing, I want more distance, I want to lower my handicap from X to Y and I want to enjoy the game more. When I ask them about the importance of putting and how it relates to their overall game, invariably I hear them say putting is worth between 30 to 50% of their total score.

With regards to the putting stroke, there’s only so much technique work we can do to improve on the mechanics of the stroke. In reality the putting stroke should be the simplest of strokes we perform. We have putting rails, putting mirrors and putting arcs to improve stroke. We have putting triangles, putting tutors and putting lasers to improve aim and alignment. We have putting gurus professing that their technique is what will transform your game. Though I ask the question, how important is green reading to the overall putting equation? The response I get is anywhere from 40-80%, so if that’s the case how many of you actually practice your green reading skills? And the answer I receive is usually none!

Well that’s really what AimPoint Green Reading is all about. It educates you on how to accurately predict break on any real green surface anywhere in the world, that’s right anywhere in the world! AimPoint runs through a simple set of techniques that can be taught in a 2-hour session. What’s more they have a charting system that is like a yardage book for the greens, this puts a number on exactly where you should be aiming your putter-face. This is a real eye opener for many students and the results have been instantaneous! Quite simply students are making more putts, and taking the guess-work out of green reading, when they miss, they now know why. From a coaching standpoint it also allows me to easily see whether the student has an aim, stroke or speed issue when they miss. Like developing any area of your game the first step is to become aware of it and once this awareness takes place a whole new world will open up on the greens.

After all one of the key reasons for playing golf is enjoyment of the game as well as breaking those scoring and handicap barriers. When students start making more putts due to the fundamental techniques taught in AimPoint then they’re doing just that, enjoying the game and getting better in the process.

If you’d like more information on AimPoint and upcoming clinics you can visit www.aimpointgolf.com. Please consider sharing this post by forwarding this on with the use of the social media buttons at the top or bottom of the page.

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  1. Dec 21, 2011
    6:04 pm

    Claude Brousseau PGA

    Aloha Steven,
    I am the only Aimpoint certified in France. I split my time as following 6 months Europe and 6 months Maui, Hawaii at Kapalua. I am a good friend of Mark. I know him for over 6 years. I was in New Orleans at the beginning of the month and we were talking about the first Aimpoint clinics and how it evolved.
    Thank you for you article. All the best in 2012.

    • Dec 21, 2011
      6:15 pm


      Ciao Claude,
      I’m currently in Sicliy! Thanks for connecting and thanks for your comments, glad you enjoyed the post. Hoping our paths with cross someday. All the best for 2012 and keep up the great work!

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