7 Warning Signs That Your Golf Game Isn’t Improving
Do you feel like you’ve been stuck in a rut? Has your golf game been treading water or worse still slowly drowning?
o you feel like you’ve been stuck in a rut? Has your golf game been treading water or worse still slowly drowning? As golfer’s we often have a do it yourself mentality, using the vast majority of resources out there in an effort to get ahead. Though at what point do you tell yourself ‘This just isn’t working’? What are the warning signs that tell us that we really need some professional help?

As we say goodbye to 2011, and welcome the 2012 golf season I thought it would be a great time to conduct a little self-assessment of your game. So I’ve compiled 7 warning signs you may have ignored throughout the 2011 season that highlight the fact that your game isn’t improving.

You may well have ignored these 7 signs a long time ago and are now paying for it.

1. You continue to listen to your playing partners advice about your golf game. This may be advice relating to your golf swing or short game, as the old saying goes ‘you get what you pay for’. The problem with this, your partners are playing at the same level as you or worse still at a level well below yours. Seek out some assistance from a trusted instructor in your area and get the year started on the right track.

2. Your last two months of playing  have been either below or well below average, this would be a key indicator that your game isn’t improving or going backwards. Perhaps you’re not enjoying the game anymore and your scores and attitude are reflecting this. My advice, inject some new life into your game, make it fun again by adopting a don’t care attitude next time you tee it up or perhaps a new driver or putter in the bag to spark things up a little!

3. You regularly tell your playing partners that “I’ve found the secret” only to realise that you lost it soon after. You continue to try a different swing theory every other week in the hope that someday it will click.  If this sounds like you then I’ll save you some time, you’re looking for a secret that doesn’t exist. Instead develop an understanding of your ball flight and contact tendencies, this is some powerful information to have and many golfers play a lifetime unaware of their tendencies.

4.You continue to work on your full swing believing that having 34 putts or more per round is acceptable. Putting makes up 40% or more of your total scoring, so be warned this should be a keys area to work on immediately! My advice is to develop these key areas of putting, green reading, putter face aim, developing a sound stroke which rolls the ball on your intended line and improve your distance control. Some of these can be practiced at home and some at your golf club.

5. You believe the fundamentals of golf include, keeping your eye on the ball, keeping your left arm straight and taking the club back in a straight line. Are you trying to perfect these myths? Be warned you’ll go backward faster than forwards! My advice is to educate yourself on your own swing tendencies and start to work on specific techniques that can quickly and effectively improve these areas.

6. Practice to you involves hitting 100 plus balls with a 5 iron and driver in the shortest time possible. Realize this is not quality practice and you’re merely exercising your golf swing. If you were serious about building muscle in the gym, you wouldn’t just buy a gym membership turn up and just start doing random exercises with no fixed training. Well golf is no different, make an assessment of your game, prescribe some exercises specific to your needs and then make a plan for improvement.

7. You take two full swing lessons a year and expect to shoot your career best round after each lesson. This is just unrealistic, be fair to yourself and your instructor and understand that this will not place you on a pathway to improvement. My advice is to either begin a regular lesson program with your instructor and commit some time,  if your schedule doesn’t allow take short game lessons as these will improve your scoring game the fastest.

If some or all of these warning signs ring a bell then consider taking on board the advice given. Please consider sharing this post to others who you feel are ignoring these warning signs by using the social media buttons at the top or bottom of the page, I look forward to hearing your feedback.

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  1. Jan 16, 2012
    3:26 pm

    tom cannarozzo

    I absolutely love your messages. So well written and the information is spot on. A great guide to anyone who wants to improve their golf game.
    You are also a great reference for information a golf coach like myself who is always looking for great ideas and messages to share with my player’s. Keep it up. Have a great 2012 and keep spreading the word
    Tom Cannarozzo, PGA

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