AimPoint Green Reading – Exploding in Asia
s the only fully certified AimPoint instructor currently in Asia, getting the word out about AimPoint Green Reading has been a challenge! Though in the past month there has been an explosion of interest with students traveling from various part of Asia keen to learn the techniques.

Former LPGA and current LET player Simi Mehra, recent runaway winner on the Asia Tour Sujjan Singh and a host of tour caddies from leading players on the Asian Tour. Along with this a host of junior golfers have come on board to learn the techniques all in an effort to get the edge on the greens. For many of these students, developing a basic knowledge of the different shapes that make up a green has made them much more aware of what to look for, well before they arrive at their ball.

I had an awesome time with you Steve… thank you so much for ENLIGHTENING me… I feel about putting now what BUDDHA must have felt after his awakening… thank you

Simi Mehra – Professional Golfer LPGA and LET

Many golfers’ who have only heard second-hand information about AimPoint, perhaps through a friend or something they’ve read or seen on the Internet are still unaware of what it is and how it can impact their scoring. Firstly it’s important to understand what it takes to be great at putting. If you look at the history of great putters over time, you’ll see that they all have the ability to:

– Read the green correctly,
– Aim the putter face at their intended target
– Roll the ball on the intended line chosen; and
– Roll the ball at the correct speed

With AimPoint you are taught a series of techniques, including:

– Estimating the distance, or length of your putt
– Finding the true direction of slope; and
– Estimating slope % over a given distance

Developing these techniques will allow you to correctly target your putt on any green surface anywhere in the world. The AimChart, which acts like a yardage book for the greens allows you to accurately predict the correct amount of break with each and every putt. So, no more green guessing!

With AimPoint you are taught a series of techniques, which will allow you to correctly target your putt on any green surface anywhere in the world

I’ve found that once a student is aware of the correct amount of break needed to hole putts, any flaws in miss aiming and stroke mechanics can be quickly identified and worked on. If the student is struggling with speed control this can also be identified once the green has been accurately read and a series of putts have been hit to identify this.

So, after attending an AimPoint session student’s will come away with an accurate system for reading the greens, as well as techniques to improve putter face aim and the ability to start the ball on their intended line. And most important is the ability to roll the ball at the correct speed, which will allow you to maximize the holes width and hole more than your fair share of putts.

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