A Tour Winner – A Coaches Perspective
n life you can’t always prepare for the unexpected, though the unexpected will always come up. How quickly you bounce back is a testament to your character, resolve and drive to succeed… Learn and Live
– Steven Giuliano

This was a quote I wrote for Stacey Keating a student I’ve worked with now for over 8 years. The week of the British Open was the high and low of Stacey Keating’s golf career, at one point sharing the lead in the first round with her idol, good friend, mentor and fellow countrywomen Karrie Webb. Only to be devastated by signing and incorrect scorecard after the second round and dash her hopes of playing the weekend in just her second major.

I’ve had some tough phone calls to take in the past, though this was always going to be a challenge… Without going into too much detail, I took a back seat and reminded Stacey of her solid form in the Open and leading up to the Open, to just get it all out of her system and do her best to move on. The way I seen it she was running into some form and you never know what’s around the corner. It was obviously a tough 4-5 days after the Open and for someone who wears her heart on her sleeve this was certainly a low point in her playing career.

Well did she ever bounce back; with a break through win in the Tenerife Open in Spain, it really is a testament to her character and resolve. It would have been easy to let the disappointment of the past week spill over into next few events. On the eve of her first round were some wise words from one of her mentors and good friends on tour Karen Lunn who said;

Today is the first day of the rest of your life

That was enough to flick the switch with Stacey and those that know her understand her drive to succeed is at the highest level and I’m sure this is the first of many successes for her.

I guess sometimes sport or life throws a complete curve ball your way and sometimes you just don’t see it coming. Though when you eventually pick yourself up and dust yourself off and you’re then faced with adversity in the future, everything else can pale into insignificance by comparison. I believe Stacey used that fuel for her first victory on tour. Well done!

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