Can We Really Trust the AimChart?
I’ve been certified as an AimPoint instructor now for two years, spreading the AimPoint word throughout Australia and now Asia...
’ve been certified as an AimPoint instructor now for two years, spreading the AimPoint word in Australia and now throughout Asia. I receive regular inquiries from students wanting to attend classes and understand more about how the green reading system works.

Golfer’s who have done some research on AimPoint invariably ask the question “Does the AimChart really work?” my response, “it’s like a yardage book for the greens”, now that’s pretty cool!

Though I must admit, I’ve heard some amateurs and professionals simply dismiss the use of the chart. I believe this is due to a lack of understanding of the fundamental techniques of AimPoint and knowing how the chart integrates with these techniques. As the saying goes “what we don’t know, we don’t know”, it’s human nature, whenever we don’t fully understand something to invariably dismiss it, playing down its value.

Other questions I receive are “I’ve downloaded the AimPoint iPhone App, now how do I use it to read greens?”. Let’s firstly understand there are a few key components for the student to understand in order to accurately use the charting system

Firstly identify your distance from the hole, attending an AimPoint Fundamentals Clinic focuses on 20 feet and in.

Secondly understand the true direction of the slope, with the use of the AimChart we can then gauge our angle to that slope.

Thirdly the gradient or percentage of slope must be factored in 1% would be flat 2% average, 3% steep and 4% severe.

Now I can hear some of you saying “Steven I haven’t got 5 minutes to read a green!” In fact as a player you get 55 seconds to read your putt, with AimPoint 30 seconds is taking to long. Most of these points above are calculated even before you reach the green, in fact I’ve mentioned in earlier posts that 80% of your green reading process should be completed before you reach the surface.

Let’s go back into your past and think about when you first began playing golf;

Did you really know what club to use from the fairway?
Did you pay attention to what the distances on the sprinkler head referred too?
Did you know how to calculate wind?
Did you know how the slope in the fairway effected the curve on the ball?

I bet you also tried hitting your long irons from the rough. This wasn’t because you were stupid, you simply hadn’t developed your golf IQ yet. Well the same goes for understanding some of the basics of green reading. Most golfers haven’t yet developed their green reading IQ, for the most part great green reading has been trial and error and educated guessing.

Here’s a little exercise for you… Think about how you would find the direction to someones house. Firstly you would need to know what area or suburb they lived in, followed by the street name and number. Green reading is also a location exercise, firstly identifying if our ball is uphill, downhill or side hill, then plugging in the distance from the hole. From here we calculate our angle to the slope and the slope that we’re putting across. It’s that simple! Once you have this information the AimChart is a very simple tool to use.

In summary the chart has true break amounts and it’s the players job to identify the distance, angle and slope. Once these keys points are factored in then the chart is incredibly accurate in giving the correct total break amount.

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Please consider sharing this post by using the social media buttons at the top or bottom of the page, look forward to hearing your feedback.

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  1. Mar 13, 2013
    11:28 pm

    Gavin Vearing

    Hi Steve,
    Excellent article. Considerign 40% of shots are hit with the putter, how well you putt, will have a big influence in how well you score. There are only 2 things you need to do to putt well. Hit the ball on the right line with the right speed. If you dont know how to read a green correctly it is hard to hit the ball on the right line.
    Looking forward to learning more about aimpoint.

    • Mar 13, 2013
      11:56 pm


      Hi Gav,
      Thanks mate hope alls well with you? Correct right line, right speed I like it!

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