The Rise and Steady Rise of Stacey Keating – Part II
n October 24th 2011, I wrote a blog titled The Rise and Steady Rise of Stacey Keating, which to date had highlighted Stacey’s steady and consistent up-wood trend in amateur golf, as well as her transition into the professional ranks. At the time of writing that blog Stacey held a world ranking of 249.

Last year she broke through with back to back wins in Europe and this summer after a 3rd place in the New Zealand Open she broke in to the top 100 moving up to 87th. In the last event of the 2012/2013 ALPG session Stacey pulled off perhaps the most satisfying victory of her short career, winning the Victorian Open in her home town, with huge support from her family and friends. She’s now climbed to her highest position moving up to 65th in the Rolex World Rankings.

So the rise has continued and steady as ever Stacey has lived up to her name ‘Steady Stace’. Having worked closely with Stacey for over eight years now it’s been a pleasure watching her evolve and grow as a person and professional athlete. I would say without doubt being able to measure Stacey’s progress through detailed statistical analysis and targeting the weak areas of her game have continued her on the road of steady improvement.

When looking at Stacey’s progress some of the biggest gains have been found on the greens. Her caddy Darren Peters has become a master green reader adopting the AimPoint Green Reading system, now mapping greens and using the AimChart at all tour events. It’s clear to see why he claimed caddy of the year honors on the LET last year. Jamie Glazier’s continued hard work on Stacey’s mental attitude can not be understated and now see’s her as one of the more mentally tough competitors on tour.

Stacey has simple gotten better through learning to play the game at a tournament level and test herself in the heat of battle. Gaining the knowledge and experience to handle herself on the big stage and is learning to find the level of expectation that works for her. Stacey continues to fine tune her technique and with some added length off the tee she will have her sights set on a future on the LPGA Tour.

In summary it take a team of experts in their chosen field to help drive the success of a tour player or elite athlete. From technical, physical, mental and emotional, as well as the support and mentoring Stacey has received from such Australian greats as Karen Lunn and Karrie Webb. But most importantly it’s the player that must drive the ship with constant and never-ending improvement (CANI) being the premise for Stacey. This is an acronym Stacey continues to live by everyday and one things for sure, she will not die wondering what might have been.

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