How To Measure Your Putting – V2
eing able to critically evaluate your putting, encompassing a variety of distances, slopes and breaking putts. In order to gain an accurate measurement of your current level of putting we need to able to evaluate all these areas. Once evaluated this will give you a blue print for the areas that require the most work.

The following putting test is an updated excerpt on how to measure your putting taken from my soon to be released series of eBooks on the Scoring Zone. In the attached PDF I’ve asked you to complete a series of five putting tests from various slopes, angles and distances.  This will allow you to measure your putting and then be able to target the weakest areas for improvement. Once you’ve completed these five tests you’ll be placed into a category for each test and given a score, your goal is to begin working on appropriate drills in order to elevate your weak areas and keep improving on your last score.

‘How To Measure Your Putting’ – PDF

Putting Skills Test – Scoring Sheet – PDF

To register your interest in the eBook series on The Scoring Zone or for your free copy of Part 1, click here and scroll to the bottom of the page.

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