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AimPoint has changed my game, the stats don’t lie. From a players point of view I struggled with a few of the concepts at the beginning, but working with my caddy and practicing the techniques regularly we have found the results astonishing. My awareness of the undulations on the greens and locating the direction of the slope has guaranteed that I aim at the correct side of the hole every time. Stevens way of presenting it made it so clear and usable, the more we work with him, the clearer it becomes! I have never been this excited to get on the greens!

Stacey Keating – Professional Golfer LET and ALPGA


I had a awesome time with you Steve…..thank you so much for ENLIGHTENING me….. I feel about putting now what BUDDHA must have felt after his awakening……….thank you

Simi Mehra – Professional Golfer LPGA and LET


AimPoint is a fantastic concept … how it gives a systematic green reading strategy!! Very interesting!! Like all good ideas you walk thinking how come a (relatively) simple concept is only now being widely used!!

Johnathan Chamberlain – Satisfied AimPointer


Thanks for the AimPoint clinic. Very interesting … all this! Applying physics the way they have to the putt. I enjoyed the session and gained new insights. Move from the … practice more putts and hope that it all gets better intuitively… to actually having a method and framework for approaching things.

It will take some effort to be able to apply the process on the course … particularly in a time efficient way… but I like it as it gives a clear path ahead.

Vic Kavalas – Satisfied AimPointer



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