Course Management
I was able to be a fly on the wall and watch as world no. 2 Susan Petterson and world no. 62 Michelle Wie discussed their games, practice habits and course strategy...

Malaysian Training Camp – Review 2011

Many golfers simply wouldn’t comprehend getting involved in a weeklong training camp with their coach. Time and mind-set would be the main factors deterring their involvement. Having been fortunate to travel to a few Asian countries, I have found that the mindset now, is that students will train from weeks to months on end to ready there game for upcoming events. If not, then simply to get on a more productive pathway to improvement.
Do you ever struggle to take your practice game to the golf course? Shots that count for your score are somehow always harder than shots on the practice tee. Every shot taken on a golf course should be preceded by this simple 4 Step Routine. By learning the following process you’ll learn to hit the shot comfortably and help you raise your level of play.