With over 40 training videos and how to test, train and track any area of your golf game when training, this eBook series is designed with one goal in mind, to help you break through those scoring barriers.
Though this data was taken quite a few years ago it highlights Tiger Woods right aim bias of 2.5 degrees...
This is not just another blog on AimPoint Green Reading, that's because it won't just be looked at through the eyes of a trained instructor or student. It will be seen through the eyes of a top 100 tour player and talked about through the experiences of one of the most respected...
In the last event of the 2012/2103 ALPG session Stacey pulled off perhaps the most satisfying victory of her short career, winning the Victorian Open in her home town with huge support from her family and friends.
In life you can't always prepare for the unexpected, though the unexpected will always come up.

International Training Camp – May 2012

This is now the third camp I’ve held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and the May camp saw students travel from various parts of Indonesia, Australia, Sweden as well as some local students from Malaysia.
After holding a recent training camp in early February this year at The Mines Resort & Golf Club in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia the decision was made to make a permanent move and base myself in the region.
I’ve written a number of blogs on Stacey Keating over the past year, though this blog will look at the progress Stacey has made throughout her amateur career and over her rookie session on the Ladies European Tour this year.
As a coach involved in player development, I encourage most of my students especially intermediate and advanced players to log their stats. This can be done either through a spread sheet which I’ll provide for them or through the vast array of website and iPhone apps that can now track your scoring and stats as you play.

Malaysian Training Camp – Review 2011

Many golfers simply wouldn’t comprehend getting involved in a weeklong training camp with their coach. Time and mind-set would be the main factors deterring their involvement. Having been fortunate to travel to a few Asian countries, I have found that the mindset now, is that students will train from weeks to months on end to ready there game for upcoming events. If not, then simply to get on a more productive pathway to improvement.