Short Game
With over 40 training videos and how to test, train and track any area of your golf game when training, this eBook series is designed with one goal in mind, to help you break through those scoring barriers.
Though this data was taken quite a few years ago it highlights Tiger Woods right aim bias of 2.5 degrees...

STOP Being Fooled By PGATour Players!

I'm going to delve into some common statistics you should be keeping on you game and what should be realistic as it relates to your expectations compared to PGATour players...

How To Measure Your Putting – V2

In the attached PDF I’ve asked you to complete a series of putting tests from various slopes, angles and distances...

Improve Your Skills | Improve Your Scoring – Landing Zone Drill

Here taste of one of the training drills in my soon to be released series of eBooks on the Scoring Zone

Upcoming AimPoint Classes in Asia 2013

I thought I'd put a quick post forward to inform you all about some upcoming AimPoint Classes I'll be conducting in the Asian regain over the following months.

Can We Really Trust the AimChart?

Invariably I get asked the question "Does the AimChart or iPhone App really work?" my response, "it’s like a yardage book for the putting green", now that’s pretty cool!

AimPoint Green Reading – Exploding in Asia

As the only fully certified AimPoint instructor currently in Asia, getting the word out about AimPoint Green Reading has been a challenge!

AimPoint – Radio Interview In Australia

Here's a radio interview with host Mark Allen from SEN radio interviewing Jamie Donaldson and certified instructor in Australia, Steven Giuliano about AimPoint Green Reading and the Clinics which had recently been conducted.

How To Use Your Feet To Read Greens

Attached to this blog is a recent article I wrote for Golf Infuzion Magazine, this delves a little more closely into some of the techniques of AimPoint Green Reading and specifically how we use the feet as a tool to read greens.