The Mind
In the last event of the 2012/2103 ALPG session Stacey pulled off perhaps the most satisfying victory of her short career, winning the Victorian Open in her home town with huge support from her family and friends.

5 Little Known Facts That Could Affect Your Attitude

By written this blog I hope to give you better awareness of why you may be hitting a mental road block on the course.
I’ve written a number of blogs on Stacey Keating over the past year, though this blog will look at the progress Stacey has made throughout her amateur career and over her rookie session on the Ladies European Tour this year.

Rory’s Higher Purpose

Sometimes in golf and life our success comes from a higher purpose. Sometimes our own desires and efforts just aren’t enough to get us over the line. Remember the 1995 US Masters? Ben Crenshaw’s long time mentor and coach Harvey Penick had recently passed away...
In the 20+ years I've been watching the US Masters, for me the 2011 championship was one of the most exciting due to the sheer volume of players that had the opportunity to slip the green jacket over their shoulders.
If I asked you a simple question about your golf game, “who are you?” could you answer this question? Some of you might be scratching your heads saying, “Steven what on earth are you talking about…?” ...
Do you ever struggle to take your practice game to the golf course? Shots that count for your score are somehow always harder than shots on the practice tee. Every shot taken on a golf course should be preceded by this simple 4 Step Routine. By learning the following process you’ll learn to hit the shot comfortably and help you raise your level of play.
Rather than compile a bunch of data on the world's best golfers from the past and present, I'm going to give you my hands-on life experience. So, if you're expecting detailed information on Tiger Woods or Annika Sorenstam you'll have to look elsewhere!...