On-Line Instruction
#1 Swing Analysis System

How To Capture Your Swing?

With the state of the art V1 Digital Coaching System your swing or any given area of your game can now be analysed by Steven Giuliano. This will be emailed back to your personal locker and mobile device within 2 working days.  Your video will come with a voice over analysis from Steven and include corrective information and drills relating back to your own tendencies.

Steven has personally filmed hundreds of drills and will attach a minimum of two drills to your video for any given area of your swing or game.

Step 1.

Download the V1 Golf app to your iPhone, iPad or Android device from the iTunes App Store (see image left) and Log-in or create a New account (see image right).

#Note if you are yet to purchase the V1 Golf app, the cost will be deducted off your initial lesson fee.

Step 2.

Click on the camera icon in the top right hand corner of the screen (see image left). From here you are given the option of filming face-on and down-the-line. Use the ghost image imbedded in the screen as a guide for the correct angle and distance to film from (see image right). Ensure both face-on and down-the-line view points are filmed.

Step 3.

Open the video then click the V1 icon in the top left hand corner of the screen, then click on Send video (see image left). From here click Email attachment and email swings to steven@sggc.com.au to begin the road to improvement (see image right).