what will the scoring zone do for me?

This series of eBooks are designed with one goal in mind to provide you with a set of tools so you can break through those scoring barriers you’ve been struggling with for years. By taking the technical tools you currently possess, this eBook with outline how to test, train and track your practice and allow you to get back to playing the game of golf and learning to develop skills to practice and train the way you play.

For more than a decade, there’s has been a new wave of golf instruction and golfers sweeping the globe. Young professionals and amateurs are bearing the fruits of this holistic and integrated approach to coaching and training. We are now seeing scores low enough to compete and win at an international level – some barely in their teenage years.


  • Is This Book Right For Me?

  • A Players Guide To Determining Your Level

  • The New Wave Of Golfer

  • From Teaching To Coaching

  • New Rules Of Training

  • The Two Types Of Training

  • Improve Your Skills – Improve Your Scoring


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Part 2 of the eBook series on putting will take an extensive look at ways you can better develop the sometimes complex and sometimes simple area of the putting game. Often referred to the game with a game we’ll take a look at firstly how to test your putting, the eBook including over 80 pages of content with over 20 competitive putting drills to train and track during your improvement process.


  • How To Measure Your Putting?

  • Competitive Putting

  • Breaking Putts – Scoring & Time Drills

  • Short Putting – Scoring & Time Drills

  • Medium Range Putting – Scoring Drills

  • Speed Control – Scoring & Time Drills

  • Additional Competitive Drills

Without the creativity, imagination and variety of shots around the green a great putting game will be placed under stress. Part 3 of this eBook series covers over 60 pages and 20 videos of fresh ideas on how to train the short game covering chipping, pitching, high shots and bunker play, I’ve also included the all-important scrambling and trouble shots you’ll be faced with around the green. 


  • How To Measure Your Short Game?

  • Competitive Short Game Training

  • Chipping – Scoring Drills / Time Drills

  • Chipping - Additional Competitive Drills

  • Pitching – Competitive Drills

  • Bunker Play

  • Trouble Shots

In Part 4 of the Long Game be prepared to learn some fresh ideas on how to test, train and track the long game covering a variety of competitive drill and scoring games including over 10 videos on on-course game and drills.. For many golfers the idea of training the long game involves beating a large quantity of golf balls into an open range with little or not thoughts to a target. 


  • How To Measure Your Long Game?

  • Full Swing – Competitive Drills

  • On-Course Competitions – Long Game

  • On-Course Competitions – Short Game




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