Known as the coach's coach, advisor, and mentor to many up-and- coming coaches in the industry, Steven possesses a unique ability to shift motor patterns within his students, the key is in creating an initial individualised plan for his players' improvement process from day one.

"keeping a player on task is one of the biggest challenges we face when working with long-term students. Although formulating the plan may be the most important step missed by many students working with teachers eager to make an impression."


I believe in sound mechanics with individual flexibility, employing a structured system around the control of contact, curve, and distance. It's important that as you head down the pathway to improvement, you need to understand your time commitment, ensuring it matches your goals and expectations. I offer systems and solutions on all areas of the game that are designed to give you a clear pathway to improving your short and long game mechanics as well as course management and mental game strategies.


Adopting a systemic approach to improvement is a key factor in delivering a constant message to my students. Therefore, I adopt the following approach when analyzing any area of the game, based on your current level. I look at the following factors:

  • How you control the low point (arrive at impact)
  • How you control the curvature (your desired shot shape)
  • How you influence the speed of the club (for distance and control)
  • How you move your body in a functional manner to avoid injury and influence the first three factors.

Finally, I'm passionate about helping golfers achieve their full potential, and if you share the same intent, then I would love to work with you. If you're interested in an in-person or online plan, reach out, and I would be happy to take you through an initial consultation to see how we could make it work.

Look forward to seeing you on the lesson tee